True Care Hospice: Why Choose Us

It can be overwhelming to see your loved one experience the last stages of their terminal illness yet they can longer benefit from curative treatment. As the primary caregivers, you are left with no choice but to take care of the sick person the best way you can. This can be rather overwhelming considering that you have a bunch of other responsibilities on your shoulders. Hospice care would be a good option to consider. There many hospice facilities in Los Angeles and choosing the right one can be quite confusing. True Care Hospice is an exceptional hospice in Los Angeles. It might not even fit in the description of articles such as ‘How to find a Good Hospice Program.’ Such descriptions leave out very important nuances that are core components of True care. So, what sets us apart? Find out more in this article.

Our professionals

Our facility has all the professionals required in a hospice in accordance with the Medicare guidelines. We have a fulltime medical director who makes regular home visits and consult with other doctors. There is a designated registered nurse for each patient in True Care. This nurse has the role of managing the patient’s case and ensuring that everything is in good order. Nurses worked together with home health aides to provide personal care to the patients. True Care has fulltime social workers and a chaplain. We also have a large number of volunteers. The volunteers offer assistance to the staff and families in providing care to the patients.

Care plan

An effective hospice is one that creates a personalized care plan for each patient. Our hospice professionally and carefully develops care plans for all new patients and incorporates the input of the family. We ensure that the care plan is written and copies issued to everyone involved. Typically, the care plan will include contact information of the persons in charge of care giving, their name, work hours/days and a list of specific duties. The care plan is updated and the needs of the patient change.


The core principle of True Care Hospice in Los Angeles is to ensure that patients receive maximum comfort. Once you register a patient, our services begin immediately. If your loved one will receive care from home, we have geographic services that ensure that there is a nurse on-call near you. To improve the comfort of the patients, we have specialized services such as dietitians, family and bereavement counselors, pharmacists and rehabilitation therapists. There are also medical equipment and other items to improve the quality of life of your loved one.

References and testimonials

 Having been in business for many years, True Care has a wealth of experience under its belt. We just don’t pride in our experience but also in our reputation. There are lots of good things that our past clients say about us; you can find this on our website. If you want to be confident with the agency, we can give you telephone numbers of professionals and families that have worked with us in the past.

If you are looking for the best hospice in Los Angeles – True care Hospice is the place to visit. To refer your patient, visit