Top 10 Considerations When Choosing Reception Venues in Melbourne

When it comes to planning an event, choosing the venue is one of the most challenging tasks. Where you hold your reception plays a big role in how successful your occasion will be. If you choose the best place, you can set the right mood. It’s a difficult decision, but luckily there are many reception venues Melbourne options.

To make the process easier, event planners suggest that you know these important considerations when choosing your venue.


Your event venue is actually one of your top two expenses (the other one being food and drinks). Thus, you should decide early on how much you can spend on it. Obviously, pick one which is within budget.


Narrowing down your party venues Melbourne businesses offer is easier when you know how big of a place you need. Have an estimate of the number of attendees and check if the venue you are considering can accommodate the size of your party. However, don’t just take their word for it. Make sure to do an on-site visit so you can see the actual size in person.


Consider how easy it will be to find and travel there. If most of your guests are coming from out of town, then somewhere nearer to the airport or train stations is a good option. However, if you do go for a place which is a bit out of the way, think of providing shuttled transportation. If they are driving themselves to the location, give a map with clear instructions. See more at SkyHigh Mount Dandenong


The reception venues Melbourne has are suitable for any type of event. You should be the one to determine what you are looking for depending on several factors. For instance, do the architecture, interiors, and layout complement your envisioned mood, theme, and decorations for the occasion?

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Are they able to accommodate a variety of AVR setups? Do they provide tables and chairs? Are there enough toilets and are they well maintained? Is there ample parking space?

Make a list of important amenities required for your event and check if they are available at the venue you are considering.


One factor most overlook when looking for special occasions venues Melbourne has today if a place is ideal for people with special needs. Imagine how challenging it will be to get around when there are no ramps at the venue of your Class of 1960 Reunion party.


Will they allow you to bring in your own service providers or do you have to work exclusively with their partner vendors or use their services? Can you use your own caterer or do you have to order food and drinks from them?


On the other hand, sometimes it can be cheaper to get a package deal from the venue provider. Ask what packages they offer and who their vendors are so you can check their work and reputation.

Also, make sure to inquire what is included in the rental fee for the place so you know what other services or items you might have to provide yourself. Some venues already include servers, wait staff, set-up and clean-up crews, AV systems, and so on in the rent price.


Event planners recommend looking for your business function venues Melbourne wide at least six months before. In addition, consider at least 3 different days and times so you have more flexibility in case the place you are eyeing isn’t available for the first schedule you want.


Of course, you want to make sure you are working with trusted reception venues Melbourne providers. Check their reputation and assess if they are really the best ones to work with for your special occasion.