Things to Do before Taking Your Elderly Parents to a Care Facility

The decision to move your aging parents from their homes to an aged care facility in Melbourne is always challenging, practically and emotionally. It is normal for everybody to want to stay at home when they grow old. However, there comes a time when the elderly cannot live independently at home. Eventually, they need to sign up for a reliable care facility.

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When making this decision, you want your lovely parents to go to a facility that will take good care of them. Here are the things you should consider before taking your seniors to an aged care facility in Melbourne.

Discuss it with your parents

It might be evident that your elderly parents need special care. However, waking up one day and deciding that they have to move to a home care would be unfair to them.

It would be wise to explain to them the need for making such a decision. Involving them in the decision-making process would help in many ways. For one, this will make them understand the need to go to a home care.

After agreeing with them, it is your responsibility to find the ideal aged care facility in Melbourne.

Conduct onsite inspection before signing up

Before you settle for the home care you want, it is prudent to visit it several times. Do it without mentioning your intention because it will help you have the real picture of the facility.

The onsite inspection will ensure that you understand the relationship between the residents and the caregivers. The process might take weeks or months, and you might opt for private home caring services for your elderly parents until you get the best of the aged care facilities nearby. Take a look at Arcare Glenhaven

Understand the facility’s terms and conditions

Before you choose any of the new aged care facilities, ensure you have carefully read and understood its policies. You can even go ahead and ask your accountant or attorney to review it. This kind of information is necessary because you will not need to worry about hidden charges.

Observe the level of cleanliness

It is common for the home care facility to have some odour because of the different medicines administered to the residents, but perpetual dirt should be a cause for worry.

If you find that the smell is concentrated at one point, it might be a single incident. However, if you realize that the odour is everywhere, there is a problem. Do not sign up your elderly parents in such a facility but, you can look for other aged care homes Melbourne has today that meet your needs.

Check out for the layout of the facility

Age care facilities and their layouts should cater to the needs of the elderly. As people grow old, they lose mobility capabilities. If the nursing home has many stairs, it is unideal for your elderly parents.

Another critical issue is the location of the facility. Consider the time you would take if urgently needed at the facility. Settling for the one that’s very far from your residential area is highly discouraged.