Private Billing vs. Bulk Billing Doctors: Which One Gives You a Better Deal?

Do you want to take advantage of medical services without paying out of pocket? This is possible through bulk billing doctors in Australia offer. With this type of payment arrangement, you have access to healthcare at no cost.


bulk billing doctors

Before you rejoice, however, you should know that free doesn’t always mean zero charge or high-quality services. In this article, you’ll know why bulk billing is not entirely beneficial and why you’ll be better off with private billing.

What exactly is bulk billing?

Medical services are one of the few expensive things you will spend on, depending on your situation. So, it’s understandable that “no cost” sounds too good to be true.

To clear the confusion, bulk billing doctors are health professionals who doesn’t bill you but accepts Medicare benefit as full payment instead. Usually, it’s 85 or 100% of the overall cost.

You don’t need to pay the gap either, which is the difference between the medical refund and the total account if you have a patient account set up instead of bulk billing.

Bulk billing rates have been in decline since they reached their peak in 1996-97. As a means to improve the numbers, Medicare is offering bulk billing doctors an incentive for each time they bulk-bill health care card holders, pensioners, and patients aged 16 and under.

How to take advantage of bulk billing?

The payment arrangement covers your visits to specialists and GPs that bulk bill, eye tests carried out by optometrists, and tests and scans, such as pathology tests and x-rays.

All you need to do is to look for healthcare professionals that bulk bill, which is as easy as running an online search using the phrase bulk billing doctors near me or using Health Direct’s find a health service tool.

It is important to note that not all doctors bulk bill because of the ever-widening gap between the costs of running a practice and the Medicare benefits that doctors can recoup. Some, however, limits bulk billing to specific times or to concession card holders.

So, if you’re planning to get a vasectomy, ask beforehand if a doctor accepts bulk billing. If they do, ask if there are limitations that you should know about beforehand.

Some clinics, for example, don’t cover flu vaccines for adults. So, if you visit a GP for a consultation regarding your flu-like symptoms, you might be told to have your blood checked and to get a flu vaccination.

Since the vaccine isn’t covered, bulk billing will only cover your doctor’s appointment.

There’s also the matter of eligibility. You can be bulk billed for a service rendered when your doctor chooses to honor the payment arrangement and when you’re enrolled in Medicare.

Opt for a private billing general practice instead

Nothing wrong with bulk billing doctors Brisbane clinics offer but not all of them offer satisfactory services to clients.

If you really want to receive high-quality patient care, then visit a clinic that charges a private, out-of-pocket fee.

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