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Welcome to AVS Cask Beers

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Established in 1990 by Philip & Linda Rush and now with a staff of nine.

We have an independent 4,500 sq foot warehouse with Two 8,500 cubic feet cold stores.

At any one time we can hold 1000 firkins under temperature control, ensuring our customers receive their beers in optimum condition. Check out wine country gift baskets.

Our warehouse is HM Customs and Excise bonded for monthly exports to Sweden and Switzerland.

Our Fleet of vehicles deliver weekly into Surrey, East Sussex and East & West Kent, London is serviced 3 or 4 times per week and our home area is serviced daily as required.

Mission:- To provide quality products sourced from across the country, and to meet our customer needs, professionally and courteously.

Top 10 Considerations When Choosing Reception Venues in Melbourne

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When it comes to planning an event, choosing the venue is one of the most challenging tasks. Where you hold your reception plays a big role in how successful your occasion will be. If you choose the best place, you can set the right mood. It’s a difficult decision, but luckily there are many reception venues Melbourne options.

To make the process easier, event planners suggest that you know these important considerations when choosing your venue.


Your event venue is actually one of your top two expenses (the other one being food and drinks). Thus, you should decide early on how much you can spend on it. Obviously, pick one which is within budget.


Narrowing down your party venues Melbourne businesses offer is easier when you know how big of a place you need. Have an estimate of the number of attendees and check if the venue you are considering can accommodate the size of your party. However, don’t just take their word for it. Make sure to do an on-site visit so you can see the actual size in person.


Consider how easy it will be to find and travel there. If most of your guests are coming from out of town, then somewhere nearer to the airport or train stations is a good option. However, if you do go for a place which is a bit out of the way, think of providing shuttled transportation. If they are driving themselves to the location, give a map with clear instructions. See more at SkyHigh Mount Dandenong


The reception venues Melbourne has are suitable for any type of event. You should be the one to determine what you are looking for depending on several factors. For instance, do the architecture, interiors, and layout complement your envisioned mood, theme, and decorations for the occasion?

If you want an intimate venue with a romantic backdrop of the Melbourne skyline, book Sky High Mount Dandenong. Their modern reception room has ceiling-to-floor glass windows and their property is surrounded by gardens and a colourful landscape. Get to know more at


Are they able to accommodate a variety of AVR setups? Do they provide tables and chairs? Are there enough toilets and are they well maintained? Is there ample parking space?

Make a list of important amenities required for your event and check if they are available at the venue you are considering.


One factor most overlook when looking for special occasions venues Melbourne has today if a place is ideal for people with special needs. Imagine how challenging it will be to get around when there are no ramps at the venue of your Class of 1960 Reunion party.


Will they allow you to bring in your own service providers or do you have to work exclusively with their partner vendors or use their services? Can you use your own caterer or do you have to order food and drinks from them?


On the other hand, sometimes it can be cheaper to get a package deal from the venue provider. Ask what packages they offer and who their vendors are so you can check their work and reputation.

Also, make sure to inquire what is included in the rental fee for the place so you know what other services or items you might have to provide yourself. Some venues already include servers, wait staff, set-up and clean-up crews, AV systems, and so on in the rent price.


Event planners recommend looking for your business function venues Melbourne wide at least six months before. In addition, consider at least 3 different days and times so you have more flexibility in case the place you are eyeing isn’t available for the first schedule you want.


Of course, you want to make sure you are working with trusted reception venues Melbourne providers. Check their reputation and assess if they are really the best ones to work with for your special occasion.

Dare to have the cake and decorate it!

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It is the centerpiece of every wedding; birthday or a memorable event…the cake has its fashionable moments. Today, the competition has gone beyond icing and themes. Baking cakes may still be done in the traditional way. However, decorating them has begun a new trend – it’s the ornamentation that brings the compliments. So, when you have the right cake decorating supplies, chances are that you can dare to have the cake and decorate it too in panache! What techniques and tools are trending? Who are the best in business and can one get the supplies online if you live in Melbourne?

The overview

From 17th century European decorations to 21st century appealing and creative ideas, decorating cakes has become an art to reckon with. Today, most reputed cake makers Melbourne market has, have interesting cake decorating supplies. They are also available online for the convenience of the bakers around the city. Whether it is an official banquet, or a simple birthday party, with the right vendors, one can get some cheesy compliments and further business.

In Melbourne, cake suppliers have several kinds of decorating equipment that are available for creative bakers. The right nozzles and fittings, cake writers, edible gel and candy writers are quite in demand. Various coloring and edible essences are also essential items that bakers need. Different moulds, veiners, patty pan sprinkles, and cutters are also useful items that make the cake look impressive. Hence, all you need to do is select the right supplier, and you are good to go.

Today cake baking is no longer restricted to professional chefs or bakers. Even entrepreneurs and housewives are looking at it as an avenue to express their talent in baking, thanks to the cake decorating supplies that are available on the market.

Tools have expanded

Cakes have become a wide canvas today. The cake decorating tools have also gained importance. They are now readily available everywhere and leading hotels, baker shops and individuals are constantly looking for different tools to enhance their creative juices. These tools have become very integral to baking as cake decorating supplies grow globally.  With the advent of the Internet, the same can be purchased online. There are many stores in Melbourne that offer these tools for enthusiastic bakers.

Furthermore, once the baking is done, the cake needs to be covered. Usually, the client requests for some theme that coincides with an important event, and this is the time when the bakers need to get the required tools on time. They can easily find them on the net. Not only that, getting cake decorating supplies online in Melbourne has prompted many bakers to expand their baking tool box.

Techniques that make or break the cake

Most bakers will often like to know the client’s taste before heading to use their tools and techniques for baking the best cakes. Buttercream icing is one of the best choices for covering, filling and making the layered cakes. Cake decoration is actually the fun part of the process. With various adornments and little embellishments, the entire thing turns into a piece of art. Bakers with a good imagination and creativity can easily bake their cake and decorate with panache. There are enough visual delights in stores all around Melbourne during Christmas, and otherwise, to enchant a buyer. All it takes is the right decorating tools!!!

Top International Cuisine Restaurants in Sydney

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Sydney has been lauded as one of the top foodie cities in Australia. Indeed, this city is gifted with natural bounty and access to fresh seafood, which makes it possible for local chefs to create fresh and delicious gourmet dishes. But over the years, several good restaurants in Sydney are popping up – offering a wide range of cuisines from all over the world. If you are a tourist coming into Sydney and you miss a taste of home, you need not worry because there are plenty of options when it comes to international gourmet dishes.

Café Nice

This restaurant is located near Circular Quay and is one of the best restaurants in Sydney South. There is also good news for diners who enjoyed their dishes because they have recently expanded to become a 120-seat restaurant. Their menu is inspired by Provencal cuisine and dishes that will take you to the beautiful region of France. However, you will be quickly transported back to Sydney with a spectacular view treating you as you dine – the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


If you fancy trying out Irish cuisine, 4Fourteen is the best Sydney South restaurant for that. It is located in Surry Hills and showcases a type of cooking that has never been seen before in other restaurants in the city. Most of its cooking and menu is inspired by the head chef, Colin Fassnidge, who was born in Ireland and has made a name for himself in the culinary scene. The restaurant also looks like a low-tech warehouse space with a bar and kitchen counter. You will not be disappointed with the food selection though, as it has satisfied many guests.

MoVida Sydney

Everywhere in the world, you are sure to find a Spanish restaurant. But when looking for Spanish restaurants Sydney South, MoVida is the best one there is in the city. This bodega-like space can sit up to 90 people with a wooden bar for tapas dining and drinks. Their most famous dish is the Callos Madrilenos, so do not forget to try it when you visit this restaurant in Sydney.

Blackwater Restaurant

When searching for good restaurants in Sydney, there is one highly-recommended Italian restaurant that all fans of this cuisine should try to visit: Blackwater. The restaurant’s interior décor features modern, chic, and savvy details – reminiscent of a sophisticated and relaxing environment suited for fine dining. However, food is the highlight of every visit to Blackwater. They have a vast menu selection that includes group booking set or ala carte menu. They also have several choices of cheese and wines to complement your dining experience.

If you want to learn more about the menu or learn more about Blackwater Restaurant, you can visit their official website at . As one of the good restaurants in Sydney and for the positive feedback it has received from former patrons, you will never be disappointed with your Italian food cravings. You can also check availability or place your reservation online for your convenience.

Thai Cuisine: A Marriage of Flavors

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Learning to balance flavors (strong flavors at that) is often the most difficult part of learning to cook Thai food. The cuisine is best known for its use of fresh ingredients from spices to herbs, which can be difficult if you are not skilled enough in the kitchen. If you are really keen on mastering the Pad Thai recipe, one of Thailand’s most famous dishes, then you have to start with the basics first.

As noted above, the use of fresh ingredients is ultimately the main secret to great tasting Thai food. Packaged and dried herbs pale in comparison to freshly picked ones. But you do not need to own a fresh herb garden in order to prepare your favorite Thai curry recipes – you can buy from Asian stores right before you cook them to ensure their freshness. Or, you can also visit your local market for fresh herbs and vegetables that you can cook with.

Your ability to distinguish flavors is crucial to becoming a good cook of Thai green curry and other popular recipes. For instance, using a fish sauce on a given recipe can provide a variety of dilemma. Some are saltier in taste while others have a fishier aroma. The same goes with the other ingredients used for cooking Thai food. Your palate must be able to sharply distinguish the difference in each taste so you can create the right balance when putting them together in the dish.

The use of the right equipment is another factor that will impact your learning of Pad Thai recipe and other Thai dishes. Thankfully, Thai cooking utilize primary cooking tools only. A wok with wooden spatula is great for when cooking Singapore noodles or stir-frying vegetables. Meanwhile, a pestle & mortar is used in traditional Thai cooking to grind spices or vegetables. Modern equipment like a food processor or coffee grinder might make your life more efficient in the kitchen. However, the use of pestle & mortar is believed to help bring out the optimum flavor from every spice.

As mentioned above, Thai cuisine is notable for its use of salty, spicy, sour, and sweet flavor components. In most cases, you can experience all of these flavors in one dish. This is what makes Thai dishes so appealing yet extremely difficult to make. It takes a good quality chef to be able to marry these flavors together.

The use of coconut milk is often used to mellow down the flavor or aroma of fresh seafood. Meanwhile, plain white sugar is added to neutralize salty and spicy flavors. Another option for that is to use fresh lime juice or tamarind paste (adding the sour component). The addition of spicy flavor also livens up the dish and makes it more enticing. In addition, the spice provides a beautiful aroma to the dish.

Are you ready to cook your own Pad Thai recipe? Now that you know the concept behind Thai cooking, you can check out this link for the full recipe: . Feel free to browse around the website to find other recipes that you can try and master the art of Thai cuisine.